30 apr 2008 |Full album online at last.fm

Listen to Temujin online for free...

All 13 tracks from the debut album "1000 Tears" are now available for full length streaming at www.last.fm.  Click on the link to visit the Temujim web page at last.fm

Temujin at last.fm

Three tracks are available for download.  The remaining 10 songs can be freely streamed whenever you are online.

Refuse to be Denied!

Temujin (Aus) on iLike - Add iLike to your MySpace


13 Jan 2008 |"Black Box"


The "Black Box", a fund raising CD on behalf of the Australian Horror Writers Association, is now available for mail order purchase.  

Temujin is proud to be one of the 11 Australian music acts featured on this multimedia CD.


Nearly 100 of the darkest, most surreal flash fiction stories from 80 of the hottest horror and fantasy authors:
Will Elliott, Stephen Dedman, Lucy Sussex, Robert Hood, Richard Harland, Kaaron Warren, Mikal Trimm, Jay Caselberg, Rick Kennett, Martin Livings, Trent Jamieson, Lee Battersby, and more!

Music from the best Australian alternative, gothic opera, metal, and hip hop artists.
Dandelion Wine, Wendy Rule, Opera Macabre, Pathogen, Temujin, Empyrean, The Eternal, Frankenbok, Virgin Black, Talie Helene, and 4th Wall.

Electronic galleries of dark art from the finest Australian and emerging international artists.
Andrew J McKiernan, Adam Duncan, John Banitsiotis, Brian Smith, Bryn Sparks, Emily Steigerwald, and Peter Schwartz.


For details about Brimstone Press, visit the web site :


For details and ordering info for the "Black Box" :




24 Dec 2008 |Happy Holidays


We'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.  2008 has been a great year for Temujin as a band and on a personal level, and we look forward to having an even better year in 2009.

Thank you for all the support throughout the year, and we will be kicking off the new year with more recording sessions for the album.  We'll keep you posted on the details as the release gets closer.

Keep it Loud, refuse to be denied!



12 Nov 2008 |"So Near" fan video




We've just received this from our Argentinian friend ELizabeth ... thanks Eli!!



19 Oct 2008 |Halloween 2008


Temujin Halloween 2008 Specials...

* Free mp3 "Haunted" now available for download at
http://www. last.fm/music/Temujin/_/Haunted

* 30% off all items at Temujin online store :

www. temujinband. com/shop

Both of these are available until midnight October 31, 2008.  Grab the mp3, check out the store - and pass on the word....

Refuse to be Denied....


02 Oct 2008 |Interviews and Reviews


Recently published interviews and reviews of "1000 Tears" are now online...

Interviews :

 A great Australian webzine : SteelPress EZine

One of the UK's leading Femme Metal Webzines : Ravenheart Music

 Reviews :


Metal Crypt

Gothic Blend

For web links to and PDF copies of all the past reviews and interviews, visit the Media page at the Temujin website

For free mp3 files and to hear samples of the full album "1000 Tears", visit the Temujin iLike page


06 Aug 2008 |Compilation CD

Temujin is one of15 artists featured on a new compilation CD. The CD announcement :

The Femme Metal Webzine and Forum is proud to present our first compilation CD, "Ferocity and Femininity".

The CD Features 15 of the finest up and coming Femme Metal bands from around the globe.

*** All proceeds from the CD will be donated to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. ***

This is a perfect opportunity to pick up some great music, and at the same time help make a difference in the fight against cancer.

How can you help? Well, the obvious option is to buy a copy of the CD! To hear a sample of the the tracks, to find out more about the bands involved, and to find out how and where to buy the CD, head to the official myspace site : http://www.myspace.com/ferocityandfemininity

You can also make a contribution by helping to spread the word - copy this message into a blog or bulletin.

Please show your support for a worthy cause, and pick up 15 mind blowing female fronted metal songs while you do!

Thanks, Caz and the FMW team...


13 Jul 2008 |Reviews and Interviews


QuantcastThe latest interviews and reviews of "1000 Tears" are now online...

Three reviews from the USA :

Heavy Metal Addiction

Loucifer Speaks

Metal Martyr

Two reviews in french :

Metal Chroniques


A review from Poland :


A review from Germany :


Two new interviews are now available online:

The first is from the UK. Insomnia Magazine has transformed into an online Ezine, and every issue is well worth the read : Insomnia Ezine

The second is a new web site from the USA : The Voices

For web links to (and PDF copies of) all the past reviews and interviews, visit the Media page at the Temujin website


09 Jun 2008 |June Reviews and interview

More reviews of "1000 Tears" and an audio interview (podcast) are now online...

Three new reviews from the UK :

Femme Metal Webzine

MTUK Metal zine


Two reviews in french :

Metal Heart

L'Autre Monde

And a review in Spanish from Uruguay :

Rise! 15

The audio podcast is a 20 minute interview by Vic Mendosa from the "VM Underground" internet radio show. Funny guy, and a great show! The podcast can be found at the VM web site, or direct from the Temujin website :

VM Underground Interview

For links and copies to all the past reviews and interviews, visit the Media page at the Temujin website

To stay in touch with Temujin news and updates, join the mailing list :



13 may 2008 |CD In US Stores


CD In US Stores


Temujin and Renaissance Records are proud to announce the release of "1000 Tears", available now in retail outlets throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico via Koch Distribution.

In stores from May 13


30 apr 2008 |Temujin on Darkness Radio


Temujin will be the featured band tomorrow on the King Solomon radio show on Radio Darkness

The band will be dropping into the show's chat room during the broadcast, so come along and ask a question or two : Radio Darkness Chat

Or drop by the Femme Metal Forum chat room : Femme Metal Forum Chat

Liven up your Thursday ... listen in to Temujin on Radio Darkness!!



30 apr 2008 |News about "1000 Tears"


The mastered files and artwork have been delivered to Renaissance, and the final release date for "1000 Tears" in the US, Canada and Mexico has been set - May 13, 2008.

The artwork for the new release has changed from the original self-published CD - it is now an 8 page booklet containing the lyrics.  Arrangements have been made to print extra copies of the new booklet, and these will be made available for free (just a postage charge) to anyone who bought the original CD with the 2-page insert.

Details of how existing CD owners can get a copy of the new CD booklet will be up once the CD hits the stores."


24 apr 2008 |New Interview and reviews


New interview and reviews are now online :

First, an interview at www.HeadBang.co.uk.

Second, a collection of reviews - some old, some new, some great, some good!

Digital Steel

Metal Hall (English)

Metal Hall (Greek)

Metal Mayhem
Music Emissions
Metal Forge