The debut album "1000 Tears" from Australian Goth/Metal band Temujin is now available in Retail stores throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

"1000 Tears is an album that will capture you from start to finish no matter what your musical taste may be. Two thumbs up because I only have two thumbs to put up" - nujams (USA)

"Kelly delivers some stunning vocals ... There are really no weaknesses to be found. This is a great release which should satisfy every gothic metal fan." - Metal Archives

"Throughout the album, the heavenly vocals of lead singer KELLY shine through ..." - Metal Marketing (UK)

"Gentle/harsh, tender/angry, but most of all... deep....... the most solid work i ve heard for a long time.. the future is theirs..." - ROCK SHOW radio (Greece)

1000 Tears has become a beautiful debut album, where power and emotion are in perfect balance with each other in every song" - Metal Maidens (Netherlands)

"First up, there are the exceptionally impressive vocal lines that Kelly lays down full of power, emotion and haunting melody..." - Metal Forge (Aus)

"Temujin puts everything in all the right boxes and has all the right elements to appeal to fans of their musical style." - Pyromusic

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The CD is now available throughout the USA via Koch distribution, including WalMart, BestBuy, Target, HMV, and local retailers.

If you can't find a copy at your local store, ask them to order the CD today!

Also available online from :
Renaissance Records
Temujin online shop

Temujin on Myspace