28 feb 2008 |Interview and reviews


A little light reading for the weekend ... new interviews and reviews.

For French readers, an interview and review at "Heavy Law" : Interview and Review

Two new reviews in English :


Hard Rock House

Metal Maidens




20 feb 2008 | Signed to Renaissance Records


We are proud and pleased to announce that we have signed with US independent label Renaissance Records for distribution of "1000 Tears" in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In support of the US retail release, discussions are under way for a proposed US tour later in 2008.


Renaissance Records is a proudly independent label based in Phoenix, Arizona. Established in 1995 with an initial focus on the reissue of classic rock and classic country LPs on CD for the first time, the company is moving into the next phase of it's history with some great new talent and a worldwide focus on music from around the planet - "One Vision....One Voice" . Renaissance is currently distributed nationally by Koch Entertainment Distribution.

05 feb 2008 | MUEN Interview

And just to prove it will take more than a broken hand to slow things down, a new interview is now up at MUEN :




This is a great site that offers fantastic support to unsigned and indie bands.  They deserve your support too...

04 feb 2008 | Broken Bone

Sometimes small events have much larger consequences...

Kelly suffered a simple fall over the weekend, resulting in a broken bone in her right hand.  She has had minor surgery this afternoon to realign the bone, and will be in a cast for 4 to 6 weeks while things repair themselves. 

Everything should be back to normal in a month or so, but this has forced us to put back the filming for the video that was planned for late February.  And she won't be recording any new keyboard parts for a while!

She currently has some pain, and a lot of frustration.  There maybe a new song ( or two) hiding in this experience.

We'll keep you posted if anything changes, but for now it looks like February will be quieter than we had planned.

30 jan 2008 | Reviews

Three new reviews of "1000 Tears" from Europe...

For French Readers : Destination Rock

Another French Review : Des filles et des riffs

And for Italian readers : Benzoworld (site is offline frequently)

18 jan 2008 | Radio

Temujin will be doing a live 'in studio' interview this coming Monday January 21st at radio station 3RRR here in Melbourne.  The interview will be part of the weekly "Musically Incorrect" Heavy Metal show.  For more details of the show visit the web site :  Musically Incorrect

If you'd like to listen in, the show is streamed live on the internet - the streaming link is at the Musically Incorrect home page.  Broadcast times, Monday 21st January :

Melbourne: 12 AM - 2 AM
New York: 10 AM - 12 PM
Los Angeles: 7 AM - 9 AM
London: 3 PM - 5 PM
Berlin: 4 PM - 6 PM
Helsinki: 5 PM - 7 PM
Tokyo: 11 PM - 1AM


17 jan 2008 | Movile Music

For those people who just can't get enough Temujin in their lives - now you can go mobile!  Perfect for spending all your left over Christmas cash on - "1000 Tears" ringtones :


(It's a crazy old world, really...)


02 jan 2008 | Into 2008 - Interviews, Top 10


Happy New Year !!!

2008 is only 3 days old, and there's already plenty of Temujin news.  First up, an interview at Nocturnal Euphony

Next - for anyone who can read Spanish - there is an interview in issue 14 of Uruguay's leading Metal webzine Rise Metal E-Zine.  Rise is a downloadable PDF format E-zine with so much great information in each issue.

Last but by no means least, the "Rock Show" radio program from Greece has listed their Top Ten Albums for 2007.  "1000 Tears" comes in at 9.

2007 was a great year for the band.  With the support of great sites like these 3 above, 2008 will be bigger and better.


03 dec 2007 | Interview at Rockstars Glued

Temujin are the featured artist on the 'Rockstars Glued' site this week. Drop by to read the interview :


18 nov 2007 | Kaleidoscope Interview

Issue 24 of UK magazine Kaleidoscope has just been released, and Temujin has a 2 page interview.

For more information, or to pick up a copy : Kaleidoscope ("The Journal of Dark Music")

This is a great magazine, always full of great music and interviews. Check it out ... you won't be disappointed...

18 jul 2007 |CDBaby online store 

The next link in the distribution chain : "1000 Tears" is now available from the CDBaby online store

Temujin on CD Baby

Buy 2 or more and get a 30% discount!!!

11 Jul 2007 | CD now available in Germany/Deutschland

Temujin are proud to announce the release of their CD '1000 Tears' in Germany. The CD is now available for order from retail stores throughout Germany, as well as the following online stores :



Deutsche :

Temujin sind stolz die Veröffentlichung ihrer CD "1000Tears" in Deutschland bekannt zu geben. Die CD ist in allen Einzelhandelsgeschäften in Deutschland zu erhalten und in folgenden Online Shops:


(Translation : danke ute, Andreas)


03 jul 2007 | mp3 files at Sony Connect

The rollout of the debut Temujin album into the various online stores continues...

For US friends and fans, "1000 Tears" is now available at the Sony Connect digital online store : Sony Connect

Sony Connect joins the other online stores that already carry the album : MusicFreedom and Rhapsody

04 Jun 2007 | Rhapsody


For US friends of Temujin ...

"1000 Tears" is now available for streaming or downloading from the Rhapsody music service.

You can find the album here :


12 Jun 2007 | MP3 Downloads

We're still waiting for iTunes to process and prepare the files for "1000 Tears" - they are saying August at this stage. So in the meantime we're now up and running at MusicFreedom.com

You can buy the full 13 track CD, or just individual tracks if you prefer, as downloadable MP3 files.

Just click on the "download music & ringtones" button in the lower right corner of the player, or go to Temujin on MusicFreedom

31 May 2008 | LAST FM

We've completed the upload of our debut CD "1000 Tears" to the last.fm website.


You can hear samples of all 13 tracks from the CD on the last.fm page. 

And we've made one track - "So Near" - freely downloadable.  Grab a copy to play whenever you wish.


24 May 2007 | Movile Music

Ordering the CD


Thanks for thinking about ordering the CD!

The most important information first - the price.

For anyone in Australia, each CD is $14 + $2 postage (Australian dollars)

For anyone outside Australia, each CD is $12 + $4 postage (US dollars)

There are two methods for you to choose from for paying :

1. Payment by Credit Card via PayPal.

If this is how you wish to pay, then just click on one of the 'Click to Buy' buttons back on the main page.  This will take you to the automated site for direct payment by credit card of paypal account.  Your CD will be mailed by Air Mail within 48 hours (delivery is normally 3 to 7 working days).

*NOTE* : you do NOT need a paypal account to use this option - Paypal is simply handling the Credit Card transaction.

2. Payment by personal cheque, bank cheque, or money order.

Just send a message via myspace, or an email to temujin@iinet.net.au and tell us where you are, and what you are after.  We'll get back to you with the rest of the details.  Your CD will be sent within 48 hours of your cheque being recieved and cleared.

If you have any questions or need any further information, don't hesitate to send a message or email.


22 may 2007 | Promo Party

Promo Party

Some late breaking news for Australian friends...

We've just confirmed arrangements for a CD promotion to coincide with the CD launch this Friday.

There are copies of "1000 Tears" to be given away, and plenty of loud music and booze ... head on down if you can make it!

And if you're living outside Australia - hey, it's only a 14 hour flight from the US, or a 20 hour flight from Europe ... if you leave now you'll make it!

22 May2007 | CD LAUNCH

Two years of writing and recording are behind us, and the release of "1000 Tears" is almost here.

Featuring 13 tracks, the CD will be available for mail order delivery worldwide starting Friday, May 25 2007.

Details on how to order (we're keeping it simple!) will be here starting Friday May 25.

This is it folks ... Refuse to be Denied!

13 may 2007 | Recording Complete!

Recording, mixing and mastering is (at last) done!

Later then we'd originally hoped and planned, but we've finally completed the 13 tracks that make up the CD.   Some last minute re-recording of minor vocal parts, and a few new guitar links has slowed down the release.  But that's all behind us now and the mastered CD is in our sweaty palms.

The feedback from myspace has been great, and we've used the comments we've received to help us make those final few adjustments to the tracks.

Now, time to head into production.  With any luck, we'll make the end of May deadline for the release.  Stay tuned, and thanks for the support...